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About the Founders

Maralyn and Paul Mazza have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others by being interested in each person who comes across their path, and making themselves available to assist those people in any way they can.

As founders of the South Hills School of Business and Technology they have provided job-training skills for thousands of residents of central Pennsylvania, and have helped their graduates rewarding careers.   At the same time, they have focused on helping the members of the South Hills community understand the importance of ethical behavior, personal courtesy, business etiquette and community awareness.  

With her background in sociology (Bates College, 1945) and management skills developed in her early career in professional Girl Scouting, Maralyn June (Davis) Mazza took over the position of Director of the South Hills School, an award-winning two-year business and technical school, in 1972, and ran it successfully for forty years.  

S. Paul Mazza Jr. studied accounting, history and philosophy in college (Notre Dame, 1952) and went on to law school (Harvard Law School, 1955) before opening a law practice in State College, PA. in 1956.  Paul did not confine his community involvement to the law practice, serving on local planning and zoning committees for several years.

His special concern for the elderly has shaped his career as a lawyer since 1960.  His concerns for Pennsylvania farm family needs for estate planning led to his formation of the Pennsylvania Farmer’s Association Legal Service in 1972, an estate planning service program that continues to serve farmers in Pennsylvania.

As the parents of six children and fifteen grandchildren Maralyn and Paul have encouraged their family to appreciate the value of their cultural and artistic heritage by involving them in the life of a small town on the coast of Maine in the summers and taking each of them on trips to visit the treasures of art and architecture in Rome, Florence and Venice, Italy.

The Mazza Foundation for Education will endeavor to continue to their legacy by supporting programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages to prepare themselves for fulfilling lives as members of a wider community.

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